2019 Qualification Lists

(Will be updated soon)

Starting with the 2019 tournament, ISPA will be adding a new division.  "Advanced".  With that, we are in the process of recategorizing players based on past performance at the ISPA tournament.

Finally, here's the link to the players and the status for the 2019 tournament.  This is not ALL players.  For this year, we will be publishing just the sanctioned players in this list.  If you don't see your name on this list and you know you are sanctioned, please contact your operator to find out the status of their lists.  I will be updating this as soon as I get information from operators.

Sanctioned ISPA Players

If you don't agree with your placement, again, contact your operator.

Qualifications Committee

Donny Boll (Chair)

Dwaine Bowman

Tim Bringman

John Rozmus

Melissa Hills

Marty Plumb

Reclassification Requests

Requests to move down to a lower division of play must be made via a Reclassification Request.  

Reclassification requests are DUE by June 15th each year.

Complete the form (click here) and submit it to your operator.   Your request will be automatically denied if it did not come from your league operator.

Reclassification requests are reviewed by the Qualifications committee, and may or may not be approved based on known ability, rankings in other tournaments, and ISPA results.