ISPA Event Setup

There is more to the event setup than meets the eye!

A few weeks before the event, the Tournament Co-Directors meet with the staff at HyVee Hall to review our arrangements, and verify dates/times.  A day or two before we begin the setup process, the team at HyVee hall mounts our table light suspension and electrical system.

Our 160 Tables are supplied by High Country Promotions (Gary Benson) out of Colorado Springs, CO.  Typically, it takes 4 semis to transport our tables.  The trucks start rolling in on the Sunday afternoon prior to the start of the event.  The ISPA setup crew starts taping off the locations of each row of tables on the floor of the facility. 

On Monday, the tables start getting unloaded from the semis.  They are hauled into position with dollies, the legs are re-attached, and the tables are leveled. The pre-event space is marked so that the vendors know where to set up. Gary Benson moves his equipment to the Tournament Directors station, and ensures that all of the electronics are working as expected.

Typically Tuesday is spent hanging the lights, and washing/placing 160 sets of pool balls.  Table numbers are hung from the lights, and the signs indicating which tables are in each row are also hung.The ISPA Office crew moves in with computers, files, printers, paperwork, trophies, etc.  The juke box is delivered and tested.  Walkie Talkies for Gary Benson and the referees and delivered and tested.  The vendors move in, and set up their booths.

On Wednesday morning, the sponsor signs are hung.  Chalk is placed on the tables.  Anything remaining on the "punch list" is addressed.

At NOON, the fun begins with the start of the 9Ball event.

ISPA Event Tear down

On Sunday afternoon (after the completion of the Junior 9Ball tournament), the tear down process begins.  Matches are moved to one end of the facility, and the crew begins disassembling the tables and loading them back onto the semis.  They will remove as many tables on Sunday as is reasonable without interrupting the competition.

Tear down finishes on Monday.  The remaining tables and lights are loaded, and the semis depart.  The office staff packs up all of the paperwork and sponsor signs.  Gary carts out the remainder of his gear, and heads on to the next tournament location.

And then we're DONE TIL NEXT YEAR!  Well - sort of - not so fast!.  The ISPA Board of Directors and the Des Moines Tournament committee meet several times throughout the year, including an event recap with the folks at HyVee Hall within a few weeks after the tournament wraps up.  :-)  It's a year long process that truly never ends.